About Bhartiya Sangeet Kalapith

Bharatiya Sangeet Kalapeeth is one of the leading music training institutes in India known for producing world-class artists, imparting music education, training and mentoring and showcasing the vision of Indian culture to the world.

Bhartiya Sangeet Kalapeeth which is specialized in classical, sub-classical, sugam, folk music, Varakari Sangeet and Bhajan along with the subject of music. Along with the subject of music, he is also working very intensively on various fields such as social, spiritual, cultural and scientific.It is the only organization to provide full free music education to the students from poor/orphaned homes by providing employment at various levels and a dignified life. More than two thousand students have gained educational experience here.

Bhartita Sangeet Kalapith was established in the year 2014,at Sambhaji Nagar.  It has become an independent center and entity since 2018 after the Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, Government of Maharashtra granted recognition to this institute for students pursuing knowledge in Kalapeeth for their various examinations in music.The Indian Sangeet Kalapeeth Institution Registration Act-1860 (as per Act 21 of 1860)" is duly registered by the Government of Maharashtra. The training, dissemination and guidance of the Kalapeeth is going on continuously under the guidance of many meritorious, eminent, studious artistes as well as center managers.

Purpose and Benefits

1. Awarding of Certificate by Maharashtra Govt registered Kalapeeth to the seeker who completes Varkari Sangeet course.

2. certificate will be highly effective for various Government/Semi-Government schemes as it is registered by the Government of Maharashtra.

3. After completing the course, the diploma and certificate of Sangeet Bhajan Visharad, Mridanga (Varkari) Visharad is awarded.

General rules regarding syllabus and examination

1. All Kalapeeth examinations will be oral. There is no written test for any exam.

2. Online and offline application form will be available for the said exam course in June.

3. 9158212213 or office for examination center and affiliation of Kalapeeth.

4. The course is completely based on Varkari music.

5. All applicant need to submit their exam form via link: www.kalapith.org